About The Heart Diet™

The Heart Diet™ is an affordable, easy way to teach you how to lose weight and keep it off for good. Support is provided by your Heart Diet™ coaches every step of the way. The program provides the foundation to maintain a healthy lifestyle. On The Heart Diet™you eat carefully formulated Heart Diet™ products along with your own food. Your coach will guide you to make good choices that promote weight loss and overall optimum health.

What to expect

  • Initial consultation with a Heart Diet™t coach to learn about the program, assess and discuss your weight loss goals
  • Learn about all the various Heart Diet™ products we offer
  • Get to know each step of The Heart Diet™ program
  • Opportunity to complete *Metabolic Testing to get an inside look at your metabolism

*Metabolic Testing is optional at an additional cost. It is a way to determine your daily base metabolic rate. We use this test to determine the amount of calories you may consume on a daily basis to achieve weight loss.