How does The Heart Diet™ work?
  • There are 3 stages in The Heart Diet™.
  • Stage 1 – This is your weight loss phase. During this phase you can eat 3-4 Heart Diet™ products combined with your own food. We provide a long list of foods you can enjoy consisting of protein, vegetables, healthy fats.
  • Stage 2 – After you have reached your weight loss goal you introduce more of your own food consisting of protein, vegetables and healthy fats. You will continue to eat 2-3 Heart Diet™ products. This phase lasts for a month and is a bridge between your total weight loss and your maintenance.
  • Stage 3 – This is your maintenance and lifestyle phase. During this stage you will be able to maintain all your weight loss.
How much weight can I lose on The Heart Diet™?
  • Typically people lose between 2-3 pounds a week. These results may vary depending on each individual.
How much does The Heart Diet™cost?
  • $250 Membership fee/Initial consultation – This is the start to The Heart Diet™ program. You will receive a customized Heart Diet™ plan, get weighed in, measured, Heart Diet™ products for the first week, a Heart Diet™ reusable bag and get complete access to your Heart Diet™ coach’s phone and email.
  • $99 Monthly membership/Heart Coach fees – This includes all your follow ups and direct concierge access to your Heart Diet™ coach’s phone and email.
  • $13-$17 Heart Diet™ products – Heart Diet products range from on average $13-$17 per box which includes 5-7 packets per box.
Is my Heart Diet™ coach there every step of the way?
  • Your Heart Diet™ coach is committed to helping you achieve your weight loss goals and overall optimum health. At The Heart Diet™ we believe that your coach’s accountability and support is an integral part in helping you reach your weight loss goals. That is why we give you full access to your Heart Diet™ coach’s phone and email address.
Do you offer metabolic testing? What is it?
  • Metabolic testing is a way to get an inside look at your metabolism. How many calories do you need to consume to lose weight or stay at your current weight? What happens if you add in exercise? This short 10 minute test tells you exactly what you should eat to lose weight and how long it will take you to reach your weight goals.
Is there vegetarian or gluten free options?
  • Yes! We at The Heart Diet™ know that everyone is not the same and everyone’s diets are different. We offer gluten free products and also vegetarian options.
This all sounds great! How do I make an appointment?
We look forward to hearing from you and helping you live your best life possible!